par•i•ty [ párrətee ] noun
1. equality: equality of status or position, especially in terms of pay or rank
2. similarity between things: the quality of being similar or identical

Today's Office Equipment industry is flat, any dealer or OEM would agree. The old dealer copier model of one brand, one solution and high
OEM quotas are a challenge, at best. Compound this with OEM/s who sell direct, sell under different labels, and then compete with there own
dealer/s in the same market. Further complicating growth.
Where's  the parity?
Another reason for turmoil in this industry is parity, or lack of. Today's buyer is much more educated. They know that all products pretty much
do the same thing. They are all digital, use the same laser process and "printer like" paper handling. You'll even find "re-labelling" of a Brand X
model made discreetly by Brand Y.  
Where can the customer benefit?

Customers can benefit with Texas Copiers & Office
. They benefit because we provide consultation, choices and an unbiased selection.

  • Consultations allow for customer's interaction, current challenges and cost justification for all things office.
  • Choices help the customer understand what product, at what price, gets the job done at the lowest possible T.C.O. -without sacrifice
    of service.
  • An unbiased selection allows the customer to avoid the "sensory overload" of why "I'm the best" and focus on proof sources, industry
    knowledge and test reports.

Your Service Benefits with Texas Copiers & Office.

  • Being small, local and accountable has its benefits!
  • 2-4 hour Emergency Response.  (Not a phone response... an actual response! )
  • Free loaner in 8 business hours with some functionality.
  • Free customer satisfaction replacements.
  • Localized service, parts, operations and response.
  • Remote assistance and diagnostics.
  • EVERYTHING INCLUDED! Service plans available.

      Benefits with TCO:

  •  Local Operations with true accountability that only a small business can deliver!
  •  2-4 hour Emergency Response- onsite! Non Emergency average of 3.2 hours.
  •  8 Business hour loaner policy with same functionality.
  • PMC Checklist on every service call or scheduled.
  • Discounted IT Services of 30% for current customers!
  • Quarterly reviews for care, training and discounts on negotiable contracts.
  • Free firmware and software updates with Service Alerts on most models.
  • Full Service, all inclusive maintenance plans!
  • Other devices can be added under your contract for True Fleet Management!
  • C.P.A. promise for Platinum customers for complete satisfaction or replacement!
  • Latest Service Industry Software used for equipment call tracking, PM schedules and parts/supply management.
  • Customer loyalty programs like office lunch parties, informative newsletters and rebates.
Texas Copiers & Office    Phone- 210-497-0747        Fax- 210-224-2166
Simply put, Texas Copiers & Office offers customers choice for all things office. Copiers, printers, software solutions,design and the service
and support  needed. Contact us today to see why customers are making the switch to
Texas Copiers &  Office for all things office!
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